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In preparation for your first meeting with your family lawyers and divorce attorneys in Spokane, it is necessary to round up and bring the following:

  1. Last six months of pay stubs for both spouses.
  2. Past two years W-2’s, federal and state (if applicable) income tax returns.
  3. Copies of titles to vehicles or vehicle registrations (including automobiles, boats, trailers, motorcycles, etc).
  4. Any descriptions of job benefits provided by employers, for both spouses.
  5. Pension, profit sharing and retirement information, including yearly statements showing value of interest in the plan and a copy of the plan summary.
  6. Life, disability and health insurance policies with amounts paid per person.
  7. Statements from checking and savings accounts, stock certificates, bonds and savings certificates.
  8. A list of current debts (mortgages, charge accounts, dental hospital or doctor bills, furniture payments, car payments, etc.) Include a copy of the last statement and the date of the last payment.
  9. If you own your own business, a copy of the business income and B&O tax records.
  10. Any written community property agreement you have with your spouse.
  11. A list of your questions so that the attorney has an opportunity to address all of your concerns.



Dissolution (divorce) is an emotionally difficult time. At Powell Law Offices in Spokane, our family lawyers in Spokane are here to help you get through this rough phase of your life. We look out for your best interests – through the whole complex procedure. The Court considers your community assets, (assets acquired during the marriage), separate assets, (assets acquired before and even after the marriage), as well as the length of your marriage and how you will be positioned financially after the marriage ends. This financial separation is intended to be just, fair and equitable.

Often with longer term marriages, alimony or maintenance may be appropriate – especially when there is a great disparity in your income and that of your spouse. The Court, in such situations, may order one party to contribute financially to the other in order that the division is more equitable. Maintenance may also be applicable in medium length marriages, 10 to 20 years in duration, but rarely applies in shorter term marriages where the parties have been together for 5 years or less.

When children are involved, then child support and parenting plans are necessary provisions included in the dissolution. Washington State requires a transfer agreement and the duty of support rests with both parents in all child custody matters.



Parenting Plans

In general, a Parenting Plan provides a visitation schedule as well as decision-making, dispute resolution and other provisions. A parenting plan must include a residential schedule that designates in which parent’s home each minor child shall reside.



Child Support in Spokane

The obligation of parents to support their children is deeply ingrained in the law. The duty of Child support has occasionally been said to be based on the belief that the duty to support children should rest on the parents. This duty exists regardless of marital status. It has been said that “there are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents.” Thus a child born to unmarried parents is entitled to support from the biological parents.




Child Relocation in Spokane

A child relocation results in a modification to an existing parenting plan. This type of action arises when the custodial parent intends to relocate outside of the state of Washington or even outside of a school district. Strict requirements are applied.

In determining whether it is appropriate for a child to relocate, the court looks at several factors, including the best interest of the child.




Parenting Plan Modifications

A modification to a parenting plan may be by agreement or as a result of a substantial change in circumstances. The modifications may be major or minor modifications, depending on the change in overnight visits or days to the existing plan.





Third Party Child Custody

Although the Court prefers placement with a biological parent, the Court will award custody to a third party if a natural parent is unfit or the child’s placement with mom or dad is unsafe or hazardous. When someone other than the biological parent files for custody of a child, this is known as third party custody. This usually occurs when a parent or both parents suffer from a serious addiction and/or abandonment. This type of action is appropriate when no biological parent is capable to properly care for a child.In this type of matter, the Court considers not only the parent’s unfitness but also the child’s best interests. Such a custody action is not an easy matter.



Restraining Orders

Domestic violence in a relationship is a very serious matter. If a threat or physical altercation with your domestic partner is causing you to fear for your safety you may need to seek legal assistance in obtaining a protection/restraining order. Give us a call and let us assist you.




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