Dissolution (divorce) is an emotionally difficult time. At Powell Law Offices in Spokane, our family lawyer and paralegals are here to help you get through this rough phase of your life. We look out for your best interests throughout the whole complex procedure. The Court considers your community assets (assets acquired during the marriage), separate assets (assets acquired before and even after the marriage), the length of your marriage, and how you will be positioned financially after the marriage ends. This financial separation is intended to be just, fair and equitable.

With longer term marriages, alimony or maintenance may be appropriate – especially when there is a great disparity in your income and that of your spouse. The Court, in such situations, may order one party to contribute financially to the other so that the division is more equitable. Maintenance may also be applicable in medium length marriages, 10 to 20 years in duration, but rarely applies in shorter term marriages where the parties have been together for 5 years or less.

When children are involved, child support and parenting plans are necessary provisions included in the dissolution. Washington State requires a transfer agreement and the duty of support rests with both parents in all child custody matters.

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