Parenting Plan Modifications in Spokane

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A modification to a parenting plan may be by agreement or as a result of a substantial change in circumstances. The modifications may be major or minor modifications, depending on the change in overnight visits or days to the existing plan.

It can be difficult to make changes to a parenting plan in Washington because the courts make parenting plans in the best interests of the children. Of course, children’s needs change and evolve and family circumstances may also change. As a result, it is sometimes necessary to make a parenting plan modification. Under the law, parenting plan modifications can only be made if a significant change in circumstances has already been established. The courts will generally favor a parenting plan modification in the instance where domestic violence can be established or where both parents agree to the changes. In some cases, parents, over the natural course of life, deviate from the parenting plan. For instance, parents may choose to change visitation days or dates or may establish a pattern whereby they split time with the children. In some cases, the parenting plan may not always reflect the pattern of life that parents have established over the course of living separately. Parents who wish to have the parenting plan match current actual arrangements may also seek a parenting plan modification. If a parent has had a change in work schedule that isn’t voluntary in nature, a parenting plan modification may also be approved. Any parenting plan modification must establish that the changes will protect the best interests of the child. Because the courts are reluctant to make drastic changes that could affect a child’s well being, parents who want a parenting plan modification often seek a lawyer in Spokane, Washington to assist them. Connie Powell works closely with families to help them understand their rights. She helps parents file all necessary paperwork accurately and will be with you every step of the way as you navigate the family court systems. If you need a parenting plan modification lawyer in Spokane, Washington, you need Connie Powell.

Process of Making a Parenting Plan Modification in Spokane, Washington

If you need a parenting plan modification in Spokane, Washington, you’ll have to fill out a Petition for Modification/Adjustment of Custody Decree/Parenting Plan/Residential Schedule. You’ll also have to fill out a Summons. The Summons informs the other parent that you intend to make modifications to the parenting plan. Once the forms have been properly submitted and accepted, a hearing will be scheduled. When filling out forms and when preparing for your hearing, it is important that you establish that a change in circumstance has occurred. This helps you build the strongest possible case to support your parenting plan modification.

A parenting plan modification lawyer in Spokane, Washington can help you file all required paperwork and make the strongest case possible to support a parenting plan modification. Connie Powell works closely with Washington families to help them achieve their goals. Whatever your challenge, Connie Powell offers compassionate, honest, and diligent counsel to help you and your children get the best possible outcome allowable under the law.

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