Child Support Modification in Spokane, Washington

If an Order of Child Support is already in place, either party may file a petition to modify child support, provided certain requirements are met.   The parenting wishing to modify the child support order must show that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred.  Generally, a child support modification may be brought once every two years.  A substantial change in circumstances may include a substantial increase or decrease in income.

Child support modifications may also be appropriate within one year or less if the child changes age categories (from 11 to 12 years of age), a health insurance provision, a request that support be extended beyond high school or if the child support order works as a severe economic hardship.

A child support modification requires evidence of your finances and income to the court to substantiate a child support modification.  This occurs by filing a petition.  If the opposing party does not agree to the modification, he or she must respond to the petition for modification.  At the child support hearing a commissioner or a judge will review all of the facts and determine whether to grant or deny your child support modification.

Connie L. Powell is a child support modification lawyer in Spokane, Washington who can assist you through this process and help you get the best outcome for your case.  When your children’s future and well-being are at stake, a qualified lawyer should be the first person you contact.  Connie Powell is a child support modification lawyer in Spokane, Washington who offers compassionate guidance to clients as they navigate the family law system.  She works closely with families to ensure that the children are protection and that parents are informed about their rights under Washington law.

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